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Monday, October 18, 2010

What you can hope to find here and Cleveland Beer Week

Plain and simple: I need to hone my writing chops.

So I'm going to do that here if you don't mind—and of course you don't mind, you clicked the link to come here didn't you.

I am currently enjoying the first official drink from The Cart, as it is now being called. Not the first drink, but the first official. It is the first official drink because it is the first in the fancy new "rocker" glasses. A picture of which can be found here, along with a picture of the cart.

Cleveland Beer Week is in full swing. My lady friend and I started things off at Fathead's, an establishment neither of us had heard of located in North Olmsted. We headed there to partake in their beer-stravaganza of tastings. At the cost of $35 a ticket, we would receive 15 beer sample tickets and access to reduced price BBQ. I say "we would" because we decided instead to try out their menu selections and in-house brews from the comfort of a booth inside. The interior was very beer-hall reminiscent, with a tall ceiling and wide-open feel. The beer list was varied. They had on tap, about seven or eight of their own concoctions. We started out with a pumpkin ale, and moved on from there. I won't sit here and pretend to be a beer aficionado, but I will tell you that I enjoyed every beer I ordered or tasted. Well, except for the tire-fire beer, but that's another story entirely. The menu consisted of mostly comfort foods, bar foods and pizzas. The sandwich—headwich—I enjoyed was kielbasa with pierogies, grilled onions, American cheese and horsey sauce. The place is awesome, and I kinda can't wait to go back.

Next on tap (HA!) was Market for their Beer Week Fall Fest. Another variation on the $35/person-to-taste-several-beers-and-access-to-food model. It was poorly organized and so we decided to sit at the bar and enjoy frosty cold libations from there. A long list of craft beers are available here as well. Market had a slightly more subdued atmosphere than Fathead's, a little classier; granite bar top and table clothes. A guy next to us substituted his solitude with a steak—he looked pleased. Looking forward to the return trip there too, for that steak. Advisory: do not take your lady friend if she is prone to swooning over fancy-pants foreign accents.

It was a pretty phenomenal day full of finding new places.

There'll be plenty more random things here. Perhaps some movie reviews and interesting music news. Lots of good stuff coming up in the world of Brill. Rock Band 3 is soon; as is the Barndt presents: Halloween. I'm also going to link my stories, articles and columns from the Tri-C Voice, of which I am Editor-in-Chief.

So come back, or don't, whatever...

Oh, and the first official drink from The Cart was Crown Royal over ice.